Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday was the annual Halloween Costume Contest here at Ai Dallas and Career Services went as what else? Zombies.

I have to give credit to our wonderful makeup artist and AiD alum, Travis Magee from Brutal Industries. Thank you for making us look so scary!

Jennifer Magee, Kit Johnston, David Elias, Julie Janik, & Nicole Rincon

Next Dallas Producers Association Meeting Here at Ai Dallas!! And You're Invited.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Alumni Connections Website - UPGRADED!

The Career Insider, formerly called Vault, is now live on the Alumni Connections website. You will see it on the right-hand navigation AFTER signing in.

The Career Insider has a new look and some fresh new features.

A summary of new features:

·The number of industries the new site covers increase from 40 to nearly 200, expanding further to cover more career paths

·The number of professions has also increased from 60 to more than 400

·50,000 employee and industry influencer surveys

· Expanded company profiles that provide targeted insight into the interview and hiring practices, salaries, advancement opportunities and corporate cultures of thousands of companies

· Up-to-the-minute news from Dow Jones

· “SixFigureStart,” offering practical tips and strategies based on how hiring really works and what employers really want from former Fortune 500 recruiters

· “Career Nation,” a blog aimed at helping readers achieve career and job fulfillment

· “My Vault” is a content organizational tool, through which users can access the latest information about their personalized list of target companies, industries and professions

· Career and Profession Discussion Boards allow users to interface with those already working or searching for jobs in targeted industries

In order to access The Career Insider, you will need to register (one time only). You will enter in any valid email address and click on “Create an Account”. The next page is where you will sign up for a basic account, and they have the option to complete additional information in order to have a customized experience. Once registered you can log in and access the new site.

Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Reasons to Politely Decline a Web Gig

When you’re in that first round of meetings with a potential web design or web development client, there are certain statements, revelations or bits of information that serve as huge red flags.
Here’s a list (submitted by a designer friend who shall remain anonymous) of the biggest all-time deal-breakers:
10. He can’t stop telling you about how horrid his last developer was.
9. He wants to make sure you can build his site so it will show up first on Google.
8. He’s already got a list together of 100 words for his meta tags.
7. There isn’t much money for this job but it could really lead to a lot more work down the road.
6. He wants to know if you are flexible about your deposit.
5. He explains that you will be responsible to his organization’s “website committee.”
4. He wants to know if you know how to “do Flash.”
3. He wants his start-up site to be “kinda like eBay.”
2. He could actually build the site himself but he just doesn’t have the time.
1. He’s looking for a new “webmaster.”
By Michael Calore July 17, 2009

A Bunch of Short Guys Meeting to Feature Ai Dallas Graduate....

As seen on the A Bunch of Short Guys site:

The next ABOSG meeting is October 24th from 10am to noon. CCCCD Campus room c-104.

The October 24th Meeting of A Bunch of Short Guys is entitled "Sculpting and Maquettes" and is described here: "This month we break away from the computer and get down with some tactile materials. ABOSG welcomes an all star line lineup of traditional and modern sculptors. Each panelist will have 15 min to discuss their style with q&a at the end. Come join us - meetings are free."

Each panelist will have 15 minutes to talk, and one of the panelists is our our graduate Tyson Summers.

Tyson Summers
Tyson graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas 1995. Long time fan of late eighties and early nineties skateboard art. He is influenced by things that cross lines, whether its comedy, music or artwork. Tyson grew up in Garland TX, surrounded by an artistic family and Sesame Street. I had the privilege of seeing first hand how hard work and dedication combined can be truly

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You're Invited....

You are invited to attend a Studio Open House and be among the first to preview the work spaces of Byron Zarrabi, Trayc Claybrook (Ai Dallas Digital Film & Video Production Instructor), Janet Reynolds and VET.
Saturday, October 17
7:00- 9:00pm
235 Murray St.
Dallas, TX 75226
(in Deep Ellum just north of the intersection of Hall & Commerce)
Appetizers and cocktails will be served.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Open Call

Now Casting For America's Best Chefs!

FOX's HELL'S KITCHEN is looking for top-notch Chefs, 21 and over, who are passionate about cooking and skilled at their craft. Can YOU stand the heat?

OPEN CALL: October 12th12pm - 5pm
The Iron Cactus
1520 Main StDallas, TX 75201

For more information, go to
Call: 310-482-0564 // Hell's Kitchen Hotline 866-266-2226

Threadless Design Contest

Create a tee shirt design based upon what "Pop Life" means to you. Loads of stuff could be yours and yes - your tee will be showcased in the Tate's boutique. Hurry up now; you've got from Oct. 1 - Oct. 29 to enter!

For more information, check out their site!